Undisputed: 7/14/19 - Pawtucket, RI


1. The Dover Demon and Los Diablo battled to a double count-out

2. Dakota Johnston defeated Goblin and Blake Adams in a 3 way dance.

3. Chris Metal defeated Dave Destro.

4. CIA (Frank Bones & Gree-D Bones) defeated the Wrecking Crew (Nic Rage & Noah Cummings.

5. Vinny Abruzzi defeated Michael MacManus (champ) & Barry Ace (interim champ) in a 3 way dance to become the undisputed ACW Champion

B. Dizzle Memorial Invitational: 5/4/19 - Pawtucket, RI


1. Vinny Abruzzi defeats Nakoma Tala and Hotshot Deshawn in a 3 way dance to retain the Interim ACW Championship.

2. Barry Ace (posing as masked referee) attacks Vinny Abruzzi and covers him for his own 3 count to become the new Interim ACW Champion.


Collision Course XIII: 11/11/18 - Pawtucket, RI

1. CPA defeated Robbie E & Matty Vides in a 3 Way dance

2. Big Dog Butler & Jaba King battled to a double count out

3. Mr. H defeated Frank Bones by interference from Mr H’s M.A.D. Partners the Great Zeke & Black Magic and Frank’s former C.I.A. Partner Noah Cummings.

4. Because of what happened in the previous match, ACW President Bing Boblem ordered Black Magic and Great Zeke to face each other with Black Magic gaining the victory but Magic declared Zeke the winner.

5. LWF Hardcore Championship match: Barry Ace in his first title defense successfully retained the title by defeating Noah Cummings when Frank Bones came in and attacked Noah in retaliation for interfering in his match earlier.

6. Interm ACID Championship Match: ACID Champion “Marvelous” Michael MacManus was unable to participate in this match. Vinny Abruzzi defeated Shooter Storm & Mad Dog Nelson to become the Interm ACW Champion

Meltdown: 6/10/18 - Pawtucket, RI

1. Vinny Abruzzi & Marvelous Michael McManus co-won the B. Dizzle Memorial Battle Royale for a match do decide the new ACID Champion later in the night.

2. "The Abominable" CPA def. "Thunder" Joe Scott.

3. Derrick Conway def. "The Alley Cat" Delilah Hayden.
4. Barry Ace & Jesse Rotten def. Carmine & Dan Ruckus.

5. Freight Train def. Robbie E.
6. Mary Daws def. Freakin Flax.
7. Andy Daws def. Danny Knox.
8. Calem Manson def. Kuma.

9. Marvelous Michael McManus def. Vinny Abruzzi for the vacant ACW title.

WAW Aftermath taping - 4/18/15 - Manchester, NH

1. Barry Ace def. Buck DeRais to retain the ACW Title.

11/7/08 - Woburn, MA

1. F-O and Kevin Kaos went to a no contest.

2. John Munroe & The Sin City Rollers def. the Dancing Luchadores and "Gorgeous" Jack Vorgess.

3. Bobby Ocean def. Nick Night.
4. Chris Blackheart (NE Champ) and Scott Leveque fought to a double DQ.

5. Badass Xpress def. West Coast Enterprises & Davey Cash (Co-Champ).
6. Pizzazz defeated Epic via pinfall after a Code Red.
7. Rylan Renoit def. Johnny Cromwell & SJ in a 3 way dance.
8. Matt Taven def.The Equalizer

Summer Heat Madness: 8/16/08


1. Pizzazz def. Nicholas Night & Bobby Ocean in a NO DQ Triple Threat.

​2. Chris Blackheart def. Nero (NE Champ).
3. Matt Taven def. DC Hannon, Matt Magnum, Scott Levesque, &  Los Super Astro in a 5 Man Elimination Match.
4. Brickhouse Baker and Ryan Waters def. The Kreeper and The Kreep.
5. John Munroe def. Atlee Greene by count out.
6. The Sin City Hustlers def. Krymzon Inc.
7. Barry Ace won the King of Boston Battle Royal

8. Epic def. Eric Dylan.
9. Da Hoodz (Champs) & Badass Xpress went to a Double DQ.
10. Pizzazz def. Benny Juxx (Champ).

Respect: 6/28/08 - Saugus, MA

1. Shawn Styles Defeated The Kreep
2. DC Hannon Won the 15 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal To Advance To The Main Event and Face Pizzazz
3. Atlee Greene, Blackjack and Dice Defeated Matt Magnum, John Munroe and Gorgeous Jack Borgess
4. Robbie Ellis Defeated Scott Levesque
5. Barry Ace def. Leo Cambria

6. Matt Taven and Chris Blackheart Wrestled to a No Contest.
7. Nicholas Night def. Eric Dylan, Kreeper and Epic in a Ladder Match.
8. Nero def. Loco (NE Champ).
9. Da Hoodz (Champs) def. The Baker Boys.
10. Pizzazz (Champ) def. DC Hannon.

Crossing The Line: 5/23/08 - Somerville. MA


1. Epic defeated Eric Egoh.
2. John Munro and El Macaroni def. Stefan Prince and Insano Membrano.
3. Rocco Abruzzi def. "The Widowmaker" Eric Shredd.
4. Matt Taven def. Eric Dylan.
5. Da Hoodz def. X-Rated (Champs) and Krymzon Inc.
6. Atlee Greene def. Wolfman Banford in a Russian Chain Match.
7. Bobby Ocean def. Nicholas Night.
8. Loco (NE Champ) def. Nero and Kyle Knight.
9. Pizzazz (Champ) def. Benny Juxx.

Hostile Takeover: 4/25/08 - Somerville, MA


1. Benny Juxx def. Iraqnid, Scott Levesque and Shaya Shabo.
2. Krymzon Inc. def. Da Hoodz.
3. Atlee Greene and Wolfman Banford Ended in a Time Limit Draw.
4. Eric Dylan and Nero def. Brickhouse Baker and Raging Bull
5. Robbie Ellis def. Anthony Stone
6. Matt Magnum def. Epic and Bobby Ocean in a 3 way dance.
7. Rocco Abruzzi def. Jose Perez
8. The L.I.O.N.S. Den (Barry Ace, Matt Taven, Pizzazz, and John Munroe) defeated West Coast Enterprises (Kyle Knight, Rob Marsh and X-Rated).

March Madness: 3/7/08 - Somerville, MA

1. Raging Bull and Insano Membrano def. Atlee Green and Eric Dylan.
2. Los Super Astro def. Matt Taven.
3. Robbie Ellis/Shawn Candido def. Kyle Knight/Brickhouse Baker.
4. Nero def. Shaya Shabo, Rocco Abruzzi, Chris Cruise, Matt Magnum and Chris Blackheart in a 6 way.
5. Benny Juxx def. Epic in a Last Man Standing Match.

6. Barry Ace/Beau Douglas def. Mike Vanity/Wolfman Banford and Shaya Shabo/Doug Summers in a Triple Threat Tag.
7. X-Rated (Champs) def. Da Hoodz.
8. Loco (NE Champ) def. DC Hannon.
9. Pizzazz def. F-O (Champ).

Winter Warfare: 1/25/08 - Somerville, MA

1. Anthony Stone def. Brian Jace, Nero, Matt Magnum, and Chris Cruise in a Five Way Free for All.
2. Makua def. PT Jester.
3. Atlee Greene def. Ragin Bull.
4. DC Hannon def. Insano Membrano.
5. Epic def. Benny Juxx.
6. Brickhouse Baker def. Shawn Candido.
7. The Hoodz def. Krymzon Inc.
8. F-O def. Pizzazz.
9. L.I.O.N.S. Den (Barry Ace, Loco, & Beau Douglas) def. X-Rated & Kyle Knight.

Silent Night, Deadly Night: 12/7/07 - Somerville, MA

1. Hallowicked Won The 15 Man Battle Royal.
2. Dollar D Defeated Raging Bull, Scott Osbourne and DC Hannon in a Fatal 4 Way.
3. Chunky But Funky & Eric Dylan def. Atlee Greene, Mike Vanity & The Kreep in a 6 Man Tag.
4. Benny Juxx Defeated Epic.
5. Ophidian def Amassis.
6. X-Rated def. The Dancing Luchadores (Champs).
7. Pizzazz def. Kreeper.
8. Loco def. Barry Ace (NE Champ) and Kyle Knight.
9. F-O (Champ) def. Hallowicked.

Funky Luchadore Dance Party: 10/27/07 - Somerville, MA


1. X-Rated def. The Vanity Brothers.
2. Rob Marsh def. Johnny Lowed
3. DC Hannon def. The Kreep
4. Pizzazz def. Dollar D
5. Eric Dylan def. The Raging Bull
6. Barry Ace (NE Champ) def. Chico Suave and Kyle Knight in a 3 way dance.
7. The Kreeper def. Roland Martinelli
8. The Dancing Luchadores (Champs) def. Atlee Greene and Thom Kane.
9. F-O (Champ) def. Rob Marsh, Pizzaz and The Kreeper in a 4 way Somerville Street Fight.

Meltdown: 9/15/07 - Somerville, MA

1. Thom Kane defeated Big Bear Machouch
2. Matt Ledge def. the Reaper.
3. Chunky but Funky def. Atlee Greene and "Turbo" Tim Fury.

4. The Dancing Luchadores def. Psyde Show
5. Benny Juxx def. Pizzazz
6. Barry Ace (NE Champ) def. Loco
7. The Dancing Luchadores def. Chunky but Funky
8. The Dancing Luchadores def. Atlee Greene and "Turbo" Tim Fury via pinfall to become the first ever ACID Tag Team Champions.

9. F-O (Champ) def. Chico Suave

Summer Heat Madness: 7/28/07 - Somerville, MA

1. Psyde Show def. Payback.
2. Pizzazz def. The Reaper.
3. King Kronik def. Dan Dynasty.
4. Matt Ledge def. Benny Juxx.
5. Barry Ace def. Atlee Greene and Estaban de la Sexface in a Triple Threat match to become the first ever NLP New England Champion.
6. Chico Suave def. Beau Douglas, Jason Rumble, G. A. West, Stiff Mike, & The Reaper in a Six Way match to become the Number One Contender for the ACID Heavyweight Championship.
7. The Southern Extreme & Mia Love def. Danny Demanto, Rayza, & Amber.
8. F-O (Champ) def. B. Dizzle.

Jeffrey Curley Memorial Show: 6/30/07 - Somerville, MA

1. Robby Reyes won the King of Boston Battle Royal.
2. Slyck Wagner Brown def. Eddie Edwards.
3. Apocalypse def. GA West.
4. Vordell Walker def. Azrieall.
5. F-O and Barry Ace def. Matt Ledge/Lenn Oddity and Locke & Lowed in a 3 Team No Limit Tag.
6. Danny Demanto and Jose Perez resulted in a double countout.
7. GA West def. Pizzazz, Kreeper, and Mike Donovan in a 4 Way Collision Match.
8. Vordell Walker def. Slyck Wagner Brown by pinfall to win the Jeffrey Curley Memorial Cup Tournament.

Rumble in Roxbury: 10/28/06 - Roxbury, MA

1. F-O and Gino Diomedes were the final 2 in the battle royal and would face each other in the main event.
2. Chico Suave def. Daniel Lane.
3. Major Morpheus Morency def. Freakin Flax, Katie Dube, and B. Dizzle in an elimination match.
4. Atlee Green def. Plague.
5. Asylum def. Payback.
6. Christian Sain def. Johnny Psycho & Kevin Kaos in a Sudden Death match.
7. "Turbo" Tim Fury & Pizzazz def. B.K. Jordan & "Switchblade" Shane Sharpe.
8. Barry Ace def. Tiger Khan
9. F-O def. Gino Diomedes tfor the vacant ACID Championship.

Meltdown: 9/2/06: Somerville, MA

1. "Widowmaker" Eric Shred def. Mike E. Marvelous, F-O, Christian Sain, The Jersey Devil, and Pizzazz in a gauntlet match.
2. Loco def. Barry Ace.
3. Lenn Oddity def. Ian Daniels.
4. Pelle Primeau def. Jon Thornhill.
5. Osirus & Slyck Wagner Brown def. Beau Douglas & Matt Ledge.
6. Matt Turner def. Cloudy.
7. Azrieal def. “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards.
8. Cheech def. Javi-Air.
9. Jason Blade def. "Hurricane" John Walters.
10. The Dempseys def. Mitch Franklin & Rhett Titus.
11. "Latin Fury" Luis Ortiz def. Bobby Fish (Champ) and Jose Perez to become the new ACID Champion.

Winter Warfare: 2/4/06 - Lowell, MA

1. Christian Sain def. F-O with special referee "Widowmaker" Eric Shred.
2. Barry Ace def. Loco.
3. Vordell Walker won the #1 Contender Battle Royal.
4. Sick & Twisted def. J-Busta and Osirus.
5. Southern Extreme def. Matt Turner & Anthony Franco.
6. Jose Perez and Luis Ortiz brawled to a double DQ.
7. John Walters def. Jay Lethal and Slyck Wagner Brown in a 3 Way Dance.
8. Up in Smoke (Cheech & Cloudy) def. The Outcast Killaz, Azrieal & Pinkie Sanchez, and Jon Thornhill & Ranmaru in a 4 Team Scramble Match.
9. Bobby Fish (Champ) def. Vordell Walker.

Collision Course: 11/26/05 - Lowell, MA

1. Rob Vegas def. Smash Bradley.
2. Barry Ace def. Loco.
3. April Hunter def. Sumie Sakai.
4. Jay Lethal def. Azrieal.
5. Slyck Wagner Brown def. Beau Douglas.
6. Bobby Fish def. Davey Andrews.
7. Luis Ortiz def. Jose Perez.
8. Cloudy def. Pelle Primeau and Equinox in a 3 way dance.
9. The Dempseys def. Southern Extreme.
10. Men of Business def. The Phoenix, Pinkie Sanchez, and Plague.
11. J Busta and Osirus Defeated The Professionals.
12. Bobby Fish def. Cheech, Luis Ortiz, Slyck Wagner Brown, and Jay Lethal in a 5 man elimination for the ACID World Title.

Summer Heat Madness: 8/5/05 - Millbury, MA

1. Bobby Fish def. Luis Ortiz.
2. Men Of Business won the Tag Gauntlet Match.
3. Jimmy Jact Cash def. The Phoenix.
4. Barry Ace def. Steven Nexus.
5. Davey Andrews def. Antonio Blanca and Pelle Primeau in a 3 Way Dance.
6. Nick Super & Troy Bond def. The Vachons.
7. "Widowmaker" Eric Shred def. Derrick Dempsey.
8. Cheech & Cloudy def. Matt Turner and Shane Hagadorn.
9. Shockwave def. Bobby Flamingo.

Chrissy Lunceford Memorial Show: 6/12/05 - Lowell, MA

1. Bobby Fish def. Davey Andrews, Matt Turner and Shane Hagadorn in a 4 way Dance.
2. Luis Ortiz def. Jose Perez, Jason Rumble and Osirus in the first round of the Memorial Cup.
3. Brian Milonas def. Texas Chainsaw McGraw.
4. Slyck Wagner Brown def. Beau Douglas, Todd Hanson and Jimmy Jact Cash in the second round of the Memorial Cup.
5. Nocturne def. J Busta in the "Spider Tribute Match".
6. Big Paulie Gilmorea and The Outpatient def. "Widowmaker" Eric Shred and Jimmy Jact Cash.
7. The Big Islanders def. Mark Moment & Chico Suave.
8. Barry Ace & Nick Super def. Shawn Stevens & Scott Osbourne and Phoenix & Dollar D in a 3 Way Tag Match.
9. Slyck Wagner Brown def. Luis Ortiz to win the Chrissy Lunceford Memorial Cup.

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