(1) Bobby Fish defeated Cheech, Luis Ortiz, Slyck Wagner Brown, and Jay Lethal in a 5 man elimination match to become the first ever ACW Champion.

(2) Ortiz relinquishes title after suffering injury.

(3) F-O defeats Gino Diomedes in a 1 on 1 match for the vacant championship after both men co-won a battle royal earlier that night.

(4) New commissioner vacates all titles.

(5) Bobby Fish defeats Eddie Edwards for vacant title.

(6) Fish is stripped of the title when unable to defend.

(7) Bob Evans wins a 4 man tournament for vacant title.

(8) Vacated when Goodspeed suffers injury.

(9) Promotion temporarily folds.

(10) Tiger Khan awarded title when ACW resumes operations.

(11) Ace is stripped of title by NWA Board of Directors.

(12) MacManus defeats Vinny Abruzzi for the vacant title after both men won the B. Dizzle Memorial Battle Royale earlier in the night.

(13) Abruzzi defeats ACW Champion, Michael MacManus & Interim Champion Barry Ace to become the undisputed ACW Champion



If the ACW champion cannot make a scheduled booking, an interim champion will be crowned instead of vacating the title as vacating devalues the title.  The interim champion will fulfill the champion's obligations and when the champion is ready to come back, there will be a match between official and interim champions to determine an undisputed ACW champion.



(1) ACW Champion Marvelous Michael MacManus was unable to attend Collision Course XIII, so Abruzzi is awarded the Interim ACW Championship after defeating Shooter Storm and Mad Dog Nelson.

(2) After Abruzzi defeats Nakoma Tala and Hotshot Deshawn to retain the Interim ACW Championship, Barry Ace, who is revealed to be the masked referee, cheap shots Abruzzi and covers him for his own 3 count, becoming the first referee to ever do so.


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